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Проекты международных организаций

Техническая помощь Таджикистану

Funding SourcesProject TitlePeriodDescriptionBeneficiariesBudget (in US$)
Swiss Gov.OSRO/Taj/903/SWIавг.00 – фев.02Radio Broadcasting for Private Farmers 87 200
IREOSRO/Taj/102/IREсен.01 – апр.03Assistance to Seed Potato Program Fund (SPF)SPF115 473
WB GroupFarm Privatization Support Projectиюн.99 – дек.04to support the GoTt to: develop procedures and institutional mechanisms at the state level and selected regions to ensure fair, secure and equitable transfer of land and other farm assets to private individuals or groups; test and implement these procedures in ten selected former state and collective farms; create sustainable private family farming units and provide them with enabling conditions to operate independently. 20 mln US $
WB GroupSupplemental to FPSфев.01 – дек.04to restore the funds taken out of the FPSP credit to respond quickly to the drought, which hit Tajikistan in the summer of 2000. The amount was used to purchase wheat seeds and fertilizers for the fall plantation season. This is the second step in the process of responding to the drought emergency. The funds to be restored to the FPSP are a subset of those originally designated for the repair or replacement of critical irrigation and drainage facilities to create and sustain privatized agriculture, activities with a strong economic justification. 4,3 mln US $
WB GroupEducation LILмай.99 – дек.02The broad goals of the education project are to improve the quality of education, enhance efficiency in the use of resources, and increase equitable access to education. To achieve these goals, the following three components are being implemented under the project: (i) capacity building; (ii) improving education assets and materials; and (iii) project management, monitoring and evaluation 5,0 mln US $
 Computer Assistance Project1997 – 2003Distribution of computers and printers to local NGOs, Educational Institutions, GOT offices and non-commercial organizations  
 MINEDUC1999 – on-goingto sensitize young people to the principles of the IHL and to the work of the ICRC in general through the provision of relevant texts for use in classrooms8 grade children 
UNICEFCommunity Pre-school Educationноя.00 – on-goingDevelopment of programme, manuals, didactic materials on pre-school education, workshops for counterpartschildren of pre-school age35 000
UNICEFLearning Enrichment2001 – 2001Provision of basic learning and teaching materials, training of teachersSchool children 
UNICEFChildren in Need Special Protection measures2001 – 2004To reduce Harm and exploitation of childrenInstitutionilized children 
UNICEFAdolescent Life style2001 – 2004To improve Adolescent knowledge on Health LifestyleYoung people of Tajikistan 
UNICEFJuvenil Justice Reform2001 – 2004Adaptation of Tajik Law to International standardsYoung people of Tajikistan 
UNICEFLearning Enrichmentянв.00 – дек.04Improvement of school environment child-centered schools, supply of basic materials, development and printing of materials, support of out-of school activitiesschool children243 000
USAID, ECHO, WFPSupport to MOH Republican Tropical Disease Centre in malaria control activitiesсен.00 – мар.02training of infectious disease doctors, support to parasitology laboratories, surveys; malaria health education through theatre group and workshops, FFW projects focussing on malaria prevention activitiesphysicians, laboratory workers, population. 
ECHOSupport to Psychiatric Insitutionsсен.97 – дек.02Provision of basic food and supplementary food, basic relief items, hygienic products, training, drugs for somatic diseases to 17 insitutions in Dushanbe, Zafarabad, Istravshan, Penjikent, Kanibadam, K-Tube, Kulyab, Roshtkala, Tursun-Zade, Nurek, Leninskiy, Rashd, Khojent1030 
ECHOPharmaceutical supply for primary and secondary health care facilities in RT, coordination between Ias financed by ECHOиюл.01 – мар.02procurement of medicines and supplies for partners, distribution of drugs, survey on Evidence Based Training, seminars and workshops, support to the pharmacy faculty students6 127 0002,000,000 Euro
UNFPAAdvocacy on population, gender, RH/FP & environmentапр.00 – дек.02strengthened operationalization of comprehensive national population and RH program, enhanced awareness & support of traditional institutions for population programs, RH and rights $352 087
UNFPAPopulation and Development Strategiesмай.00 – дек.04to strengthen national capacity for formulation of population policies and programs $229 109
UNFPAStrengthening RH Information and Servicesмар.00 – дек.04to enhance quality of RH care focused on primary health care level, improve knowledge of RH issuesmen and women of reproductive health$743 763
UNICEF/ Japan/ GAVI/ CIDAExpanded Program on Immunization1994 – on-goingImmunization of children under age one against six vaccine preventable disesses, training of health staff and improvement of cold chain equipment in health facilitiesRRS-34,400; Sogd-55,000; Khatlon-59,000; GBAO-3,700 
UNICEF/ JapanARI/CDD1994 – on-goingPrevention of acute respiratory & diarrhoeal diseases among children – 0-56 months, through training of health workers and provision of essential drugsRRS-225,200; Sogd-275,000; Khatlon-255,000; GBAO-16,000 
UNICEFSafe Motherhood2001 – 2004Provision of basic equipment to Maternity Hospitals, training activitiesPregnant women, Health workers 
UNICEFNutrition2001 – 2004Salt iodisation and Promotion of BFChildren and Women of Tajikistan 
CIDAReproductive Health2002 – 2003Improvement of Reproductive Health through training and supply of equipmentPregnant women and Adolescent girls 
JapanMicronutrient deficiencyмар.02 – мар.03To reduce Iron deficiency anemia among children and womenPregnant women, Child bearing age women and children 
WHO-EuroMedium-term program of collaboration between MOH and WHOянв.00 – Dec-01 (with possible extension)healthy policy development, health care reform, women and children health, communicable/non-communicable diseases, environment & health  
UNFPAStrengthening MOH and National RH Centerиюл.00 – Dec-02 (with possible extension)rapid assesments on RH capacities, development of Rh management info system, training, monitoring, preparation and dissemination of information on National RH and FP planentire population 
ECHOManagement and Coordination of Humanitarian Assistanceмай.00 – фев.01technical support to int.agencies, liaison with local health authorities, rapid assessments, monitoring  
ECHOPharmaceutical sector reformsиюн.99 – Aug-01 (with possible extension)stretghthening the pharmaceitical sector, training, distribution of drug bulletins, set-up Drugs and Therapeutic Committees, drug price, monitoring etc.entire population 
WB GroupRural Infrastracture Rehabilitation Projectиюн.00 – мар.06Rehabilitating off-farm irrigation and drainage works, improve operating efficiency and increase supply of water, thereby permitting increased crop production; Piloting systems for improving the quality and reliability of village water and electricity supplies; Strengthening institutional capacity related to the irrigation and domestic water and electricity supply systems; strengthening the existing PIU 20,0 mln US $
WB GroupEmergency Flood Assistance Projectавг.98 – дек.01This project is designed to help the Government to overcome the consequences of the natural disasters which took place in the country between April and May 1998, and May and June 1999 (heavy snows and rains, which caused floods, landslides, etc.). The project focuses on rehabilitation of the infrastructure (mainly roads and bridges) in the flood-affected areas 5,0 mln US $
WB GroupSuplemental EFAPдек.99 – дек.01Suplemental to Emergency Flood Assistance Project 2,0 mln. Us $
Swiss, USA, AKDN, WBLake Sarez Mitigation Projectиюл.00 – дек.05the design and installation of a monitoring system and an early warning system; (ii) the strengthening of local communities on emergency preparedness plan and the provision of safety-related supplies; (iii) the preparation of a study on long-term solutions; and (iv) the strengthening of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense. 4,3 mln. US $
 Cooperation with RCSTon-going – дек.01support to the most vulnerable people, support of local branches of RCST on mine awareness (Karategin Valley, Dsb),dissemination of IHL, support for tracing activities  
Swedish Red CrossOrganisational Development of RCSTянв.02 – дек.03Support to RCST in strengthening it’s capacity skills and resources to provide assistance to vulnerable. Support RCST in developingRCST HQ, region, oblast, rayons RC branches412 000
 Research on trafficking in Women & Children from Tajikistanноя.00 – июн.01 victims of trafficking, relevant government agencies,cooperating local NGOs12 385
 Humanitarian Travel Assistance Projectcompleted – апр.01provision of travel assistance to stranded migrants, refugees, stranded students, stranded labour migrantsstranded migrants 
US Dep. Of StateTechnical Assistance in Labour emigration policy draftingspring-01 State Migration Service, Committee on State Border Defense, MOI, MFA 
SDCJudiciary Projectапр.01 – дек.03  770 588
SDCCentral Asia Social Science Networkиюл.00 – май.01  240 000
SDCCentral Asia Mountain Programянв.00 – дек.02  1 500 000
SDCCentral Asia Media Support Projectянв.01 – дек.02  731 250
SDCPeace Promotion Conflict Prevention in Border Regionsиюл.99 – дек.01  75 000
SDCPromoting Cultural Diversity in Tajikistanокт.00 – янв.00  127 200
UNFPA/ UNICEF/ UNODCCPPromotion of a Multi-Sectoral Response to HIV/AIDS/STD in Tajikisytanноя.99 – on-goingAssistance to the Government of Tajikistan in coordination, planning and management of HIV/AIDS/STD prevention and care activities. The project provides technical assistance to the National Coordination HIV/AIDS Commission to strengthen national capacityRisks groups, medical and mass media professionals, local population of Sugd, Khatlon regions, RRS and Dushanbe175 000
GEFEnabling the Republic of Tajikistan to Prepare its First National Communication in Response to its Commitments to the UNFCCCмар.01 – on-goingUnder the project the following activities are undertaken: inventory of GHG emissions; assessment of potential impacts of CC; analysis of potential measures to abate the increase in GHG emissions and to adapt to CC; preparation of Nat. Action Plan to addrDirect beneficiary – staff of Tajik Met Service and its local branches. Indirect beneficiary – population of the country327 000
GEFTajikistan Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan with Clearing House Mechanismокт.01 – on-goingUnder the project the following activities are undertaken: identification of themes and issues of national importance; working out action plans over the short, medium and long-term period; strengtheninh capacity of relevan govrnmental agencies for biodiveDirect beneficiary – staff iof the MoNP and its local branches. Indirect beneficiary – population of the country193 000
GEFInstitutional Strengthening and Capacity Building: Establishment of an Ozone Centerокт.00 – on-goingPublic awareness on the phenomenon of ozone depletion and its potential impacts and the complexity of the fast changing nature of technical and scientific issues involved in protecting the ozone layer. Strengthening institutional infrastructure in dealingDirect beneficiary – staff iof the MoNP and its local branches. Indirect beneficiary – population of the country127 437
UNICEFChildren in Need of Special Protection Measuresянв.00 – дек.04Assistance to children with emotional traumas, studies on violence against children, legislation review, children in istitutions, support to summer life skills camp, training courses, support to “street drama wheels theare” etc. 82 000
UNIFEM and DFIDSupport to women initiatives for peace-building in Tajikistanon-going – on-goingAdvocacy for women rights, capacity building, gender awareness, media campaign on gender education, trainingon gender issues and violence against women, psychological rehabilitation of war affected womenactivist women from NGOs & GOT, media professionals, students, teachers etc. 
GEFNational Programme for Recovery and Recycling of Refrigerantsноя.00 – on-goingTraining for technicians performing repairs, maintenance and istallation of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Providing recovery equipment and manual recovery pumps and bags to be distributed to the larger CFC-12 users. Providing sets of recyDirect beneficiary – MoNP, State Industrial Committee, PAMIR plant, etc.. Indirect beneficiary – population of the country306 465
GEF/Swiss contributionElimination of CFC-12 in the Manufacture of Domestic Refrigerators at Pamirноя.00 – on-goingChange the existing prodcution lines; technology transfer, technical assistance, re-design, testing, pre-production trials and training.Direct beneficiary – State Industrial Committee, PAMIR plant, etc.. Indirect beneficiary – population of the country329 340
WB GroupStructural Adjustment Credit IIиюл.01 – дек.02to support the key elements of the Government’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). SAC 2 would be front-loaded and disbursed in two tranches 50,0 mln US $
WB GroupInstitutional Building Technical Asistance IIиюн.99 – июн.04building and improving the country’s institutional capacity to : (i) reform: public administration; (ii) improve budget management systems; and (iii) privatize medium and large enterprises and develop the private sector 6,7 mln US $
WB GroupTajikistan Development Gateway2001 – on-goingA Grant by InfoDev to the Association of Communication Operators of the Republic of Tajikistan has been approved to help finance planning activities for the creation of the Tajikistan Country Gateway in partnership with the Global Development Gateway Initiative. 25 000